Dianne Kelly CPA LLC

Accounting and Tax Services 

Dianne Kelly CPA LLC
33 Sicomac Road, Suite 405

North Haledon, NJ 07508 


Please note, due to COVID-19 we will be limiting in office appointments. Please call or email me for a virtual meeting.


Directions to my Office:

1) Press on the “view larger map” button on the Google Map to open the map. Then press on the blue “Directions” button, bottom left of the map, to set the starting point to your current location for turn by turn directions to my North Haledon office.

2) When you arrive at 33 Sicomac Road, drive all the way around the building until you see Columbia Bank on your left. Parking is on the right. My office is above Columbia Bank in North Haledon. Enter through the door to the right of the bank branch entrance and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. 

In order to get to the entry door for Dianne Kelly CPA LLC’s offices, please use the parking lot entrance on 33 Sicomac Road – Columbia Bank. Keep right as you drive into the office complex and continue to drive around the building. Once you get to the end of the right side of the building make a left and continue past the awning with the “33” on it. Once you pass the awning make a left at the end of the building toward the parking lot exit. Continue to drive past the bank’s drive up lanes. Once you pass the bank’s drive up lanes you’ll see Columbia bank entrance.  My door is 5 feet to the right of Columbia Bank’s entrance.       

Dianne Kelly CPA, North Haledon, New Jersey, Certified Public Accountant, Tax Preparation

Call me at 973-949-5533 or email me at DK@DianneKelly.CPA to make an appointment for a no cost consultation to see how I can help you.